Get Paid to Write – Earn Daily 100-1000$

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1. Start a Blog

This will be your #1 way to make a living online. I’ve been blogging for eight years now and i have multiple websites with multiple blogs.  But why blogging? Because blogging can help you make money fast without any investment.

A lot of these ways won’t happen unless you start a blog. I have a handy and easy tutorial on starting a blog for your business, so make sure to check that out!

If you’re unsure about what a blog is – a blog is a way to express your thoughts and teachings online. You use a platform like to have a self-hosted blog.

With a self-hosted blog you can start making money online.

After you created your website, you can pick a  WordPress theme and create pages on your site. For this site I have an About page, Courses page, Contact page and Blog page. Every blog should have an About page and a Contact page.

If you want to start using your blog for monetization strategies, you will need a Privacy Policy and Disclaimer page. This is a legal page letting users know how you are using your blog to make money (i.e if you will use affiliate marketing or start an email list for example).


2. Get paid for Guest Blogging

Another fast way to make money in 2019 is to start getting paid to guest blog.

Guest blogging is when you have your blog post on someone else’s blog. For example, FreelancerFAQs is a contributor blog. Writers pitch their blog topics to me and if I accept them, their post is published on my blog. While I don’t pay for that content there are hundreds of contributor blogs that do pay for content.

How do you find places that pay for guest blogging? There are many blogs that round up sites that pay. You can search for that term in Google to help you get more ideas for guest blogging.

Once you find a place to pitch to, make sure you read the blog content and get to know their style of writing. From there you can craft a pitch that’s more personal since you’ve read their blog.

Once the owner accepts your pitch, they may also tell you about their payment process. Some blogs only pay for traffic. So if your post gets lots of shares, then you will get paid accordingly. Other sites, pay for your writing only, but some may take months to pay you.

Usually magazines and publications have a longer payment schedule, so don’t be alarmed!

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