How to Increase Blog Traffic. How to Get Traffic on Website

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Below, i have listed few websites which can give your 100% reults.


It is one of the most popular, fastest, biggest and free website traffic exchange network.

Trafficonic is the best traffic exchange service that empowers millions of webmasters with real human visitors to their websites. With Trafficonic, users can receive thousands of hits to their websites, get more conversions, boost their website’s Alexa rank and increase their website’s worth and value.
Creating an account is easy and is totally free. There is absolutely no catch to it. Trafficonic is absolutely 100% free to use. We do offer affordable account upgrades which unlocks the geo targeting option + many many other features.

Trafficonic is the de facto standard traffic exchange for webmasters, small business owners, SEO Companies and traffic resellers who want measureable results for their websites traffic, websites promotion and clients. Trafficonic has almost everything which you need to keep you and your clients happy.

Trafficonic was founded by Pakistani IT Expert and SEO Analyst Mr. Hassan Munawar, Who launched this website on 1st January 2018 and in just first three months of its launching, Trafficonic becomes most popular traffic exchange network across the internet.

By simply registering an account at Trafficonic, any user can submit the unlimited number of webpages to get real human traffic on his/her websites.
As the user database is getting huge day by day, hence this increase the website visit rate which helps in generating more sales and boosting up the Alexa ranking.
As Tafficonic traffic exchange system allows the user to promote their website pages for uptop 30 seconds, hence this feature will lower the traffic bounce rate of the website and helps in getting better ranking position in Search Engine Results Page.

On how trafficonic works, click here




TrafficG is also one of the best traffic generating tool and is being widely used across many countries.  TrafficG is all about generating visitors to your own website(s) for free!  All the TrafficG services are completely free. You will never have to spend any money, unless you wish to do so.  First of all, you will need to become a member, you can join here. After logging in, you can either use the SuperSurf, use the SuperStart. use the Exchanger, or a combination of all three.

There are no limits on website, you can add hundreds of websites in trafficG.  Apart from generating traffic, you can even earn from trafficG using the referral feature which is available on the website.

You can generate referrals when you send new members to the TrafficG website. In order to generate referrals you need to place your referral code on your webpages. When someone visits the TrafficG site via your referral links and decides to join TrafficG, we will give you 50 credits plus residual credits when they use the TrafficG services, and if your referrals signup referrals you will earn from them too.

In the members area you can find various referral codes including text links, banners, buttons, search boxes and TrafficG signup forms. Signing up referrals is a great way to build up long term residual traffic to your websites.

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